Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random iPhone Photos

Here's a bit of a catch-all post of some random photos I want to share!

This boy has committed to reading the entire Book of Mormon before he turns eight. We made a schedule for him so that he can read a little every night and he'll finish just about a week before his eighth birthday. He's doing so well!! He reads every night and is staying on top of it.


On Wednesday nights we go to the Encinitas Station farmers market and stop at one stand only. The Sunny Cal fruit stand. Their fruit is AMAZING. Seriously, SO SO amazing!! The best plums, pluots, peaches, grapes, figs and apples I've ever had in my life. They are an Orange County local grower that is family owned and operated. Their fruit is so sweet and organic and just DELICIOUS. The kids have their favorites -- Lia loves the dapple dandies and Max loves the golden moons. I just love it all!!

A monarch chrysalis we found.

First game of the year! Pretty sure we lost!

Taking advantage of the hot weather and our backyard. It's been really really hard not having Tyler home on the weekends. I try to entertain the kids but really I'm just tired and burned out.


We've instituted a new chore chart, Family Home Evening schedule and allowance that they earn from doing chores. It's going really well! We've also started a new schedule for the day. I set alarms on my phone to go off when it's time to make their beds, brush their teeth, start their homework, read, etc. When they hear the alarms they know exactly what to do and I don't have to yell or nag! It's been really awesome.


SUPER creepy moth in the side yard. Max spotted it.



Lia being an adorable little stinker telling us why she's not a fan of ice cream.



Tyler had some random Wednesday off one week so we went out to breakfast and headed to the beach just the two of us. It was a much welcomed break! The last two Fridays he's had off and he's come to help me teach art in the class and we've gone to our favorite little sushi place in Carlsbad and then just spent some time together. It's nice, but I'd gladly give it up to have him home on the weekends again!!

Sorry for the close-up of me but I liked that Mattie was with me.

I love how we got twin yolks AND bonus, that it looked like a crazy eyed cartoon chicken.

Lia's favorite thing is still going on runs with Tyler. She begs him to take her!! And her favorite thing to do while going on a run is to take a nap.

Cute picture Max drew of Oski!

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Tyler said...

I love everything about this post. Nina is beautiful in the close-up with Mattie. I love that Max is drawing Oski. Our mid-week dates have been wonderful. Etc. It's a good life, despite all the trouble