Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy pile of BEES!

While my parents were here visiting we noticed up on the branches in one of the trees in the parking lot a GIANT swarm of bees just silently wrapped around it. We were pretty weirded out by it. Especially because they were completely silent. So we called the maintenance guys to come get them out. Well, of course they never came, and were slightly rude on the phone (okay, truth be told I actually love the guys that come and fix stuff; they are always pleasant and happy to help out; it's those ones who answer the phones that have less-desirable attitudes). I came home a few days later and saw the entire pile of bees had fallen onto the pavement below and engulfed half a parking spot and the car next to it. It was crazy!! I'd never seen that many bees before in one spot, silently laying there. Still no buzzing.


Later that day they finally did come to take care of the bee situation, but I was a little saddened that they basically just sprayed them with bee killer. There are still bee carcases strewn about the parking lot. Too bad they didn't call a bee keeper!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

We had a pretty low key Easter this year. We colored eggs the night before so that the Easter Bunny could hide them. And the kids woke up slightly cranky to check out their baskets in the morning!


They looked super cute for church though so I snapped a picture before we went inside. It's nice having holidays just the four of us! We missed Danielle though, she's usually with us. But it was fun to just sit, relax and enjoy the day. It left lots of room to ponder the real meaning of Easter.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mattie, Max and Lia


Here they are! I made sure we got a cute photo shoot in while Mattie was visiting. It had been a LONG time since I got to do one! Tyler and I took the three kids to the secret fairy forest and luckily it was still mostly green.


MML_002 MML_031


They were mostly cooperative. Lia was the hardest one to please. And of course it was tricky getting Mattie and Max to stop making that silly fake smile!



Mattie's green eyes matched the green grass pretty well.


MML_045 BW


We had a happy little surprise with some bunnies that decided to join in the fun. These were obviously not regular bunnies. They were fat and fluffy like domestic bunnies and had no problems with the kids going right up and petting them. Seems like someone must have turned their pet bunnies loose and they decided to populate the forest. There were at least 20 of them happily munching and hopping around.





MML_091 MML_050

Mostly while editing this shoot I couldn't believe how grown up Mattie is getting. She talks like a big kid and acts like a big kid. And she's just so so pretty. Love that girl!!

MML_074 BW


MML_155 BW

And one of my grown up boy! Can't believe he'll be 5 soon.

MML_162 BW

And the reason I don't have a cute picture of Lia's face from the shoot!


And by far my favorite shot! I was trying to get some pictures of Lia by herself and she was being seriously uncooperative (shocker) and I turned and these two were holding hands laughing and whispering with each other standing in the grass, completely uncoached and on their own. LOVE this SO much!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Spillanes Come Back To The Better Coast


Right before Easter we had a visit from my mom, step-dad and Mattie Rose!! The kids were SOOO excited to have them here. For the first time since they were really little, Max and Mattie got along like best friends. They didn't fight or whine about each other. They played like a sweet aunt and nephew should.

By Mattie's request we headed out to Sea World and the Zoo. Lots of fun was had, even if it did sprinkle on us at Sea World (prompting Bob to buy a few Shamu ponchos and my mom deciding to be brave and wear one).





Danielle also planned a super fun Easter egg hunt for the kids. And nobody cried! Okay, honestly Lia probably cried because she cries about everything. And okay, maybe I cried a little when I realized how grown-up Mattie and Max are getting. Can't they just stop! Just for a little while! I'm already picturing their high school graduation and getting weepy.



IMG_9621 IMG_9623






IMG_9651 IMG_9659


It was a lot of fun to have them here visiting. We sure do miss them!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tender Moments


I swear sometimes I wonder if Max is an alien, that he couldn't possibly be my child. He's so sweet and loving and kind. And then I remember who his dad is and it makes much more sense. Max is seriously the sweetest big brother ever. Lia does he best to provoke him, but he's loving and protective of her. We went to Birch Aquarium one day and while staring at the sharks Max put his arm on Lia's back and around her shoulders and held her there in the crowd. It was so incredibly sweet and loving. I had to choke back the tears! Max is one kid I don't have to worry about and with him around, I know Lia will be well protected!