Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poor Sick Boy

It's that time of year again -- colds and coughs and fevers and ear infections and goopy eyes and just overall nastiness. I feel like it hit early this year -- maybe because we have a kindergartener? I don't know. Last weekend Max had a fever of almost 105. He basically spent two days like this. And for anyone that knows him at all knows that this is completely not normal for him at all. He seems to be a little better, the fever broke two days later, but he has a nasty lingering cough and general grumpiness. Lia was sick right before this, too and Tyler's been sick a few times as well. So far I'm the only one that's dodged it, but I may have just jinxed myself! Or maybe my body is waiting until I'm super busy with shoots and church stuff to break down!




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