Sunday, September 30, 2012

Citizenship Award

Thankfully my best friend snapped this picture of Max getting a citizenship award at school during the year's first assembly!! I'm not even sure what he got it for and had no idea he was even getting one (or of course I would have been there!) But anyway -- here's proof! (The costume was because it was costume day in his class)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nina Turns 30

Yes. I turned 30. I really didn't expect to be so torn up about it either. Honestly I wasn't so conflicted about entering my 30s. It was all the potential of my 20's just GONE. I think I'm still coming to terms with it. Tyler keeps reminding me of all the things I actually DID accomplish in my 20s, and it's true. But still... I keep thinking of all the things I didn't do or that I missed out on. Maybe I just need to flip it and use it as motivation to make my 30s totally awesome...


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Regular Food

I felt ambitious one night so I decided to make cream of mushroom soup from scratch (okay, it actually wasn't that hard, but still). Lia usually loves soup so I thought she'd be all over it!

Well, her response after the first taste?


"I'm not eating this!!! Because you know why?? This soup just tastes like NOTHING!! It just tastes REGULAR!!!!!"

And then she burst into tears.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lia Lately

Just sharing some Instagrams of our Lia lately. I seem to have so many more photos of her than I do of Max because she's home with me all day while Max is at school.





Lia has always loved books. I guess it was a bit unexpected because Max has never been very interested in books (until lately because he can actually read now!!). But Lia has always been content with sitting quietly examining book after book.


Lia is also a bit obsessed with board games right now. She is ALWAYS down to play a game with anyone she can find. Her favorite game right now is Kerplunk. We happen to have the Toy Story version and she insists that the more aliens fall through the better. We don't really have the heart to tell her it's actually the opposite. You wouldn't either if you heard her giddy little belly laugh every time a load of aliens tumbles out!

IMG_3962 IMG_3963

IMG_3994 IMG_3995




We don't call her pickle for nothing. She is our little pickle loving thing. This girl pounds them and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her!


Every time we go to Target and need to go down the shaving cream aisle, Lia insists that this picture is her uncle Levi. Note: this guy looks nothing like Levi. But she is adamant.



She's still a sushi lover.




IMG_4306 IMG_4307








She still has fabulous style.




Still obsessed with her daddy (even though we haven't seen much of him lately thanks to interviews).






IMG_3903 IMG_3902

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cay - oats

A few weeks after we moved into the house our neighbor came by to say hi. After a few minutes of conversation he said that we should be on the look out for coyotes in the neighborhood. I assured him that we'd be vigilant at night. But he insisted that I not let the kids play outside in the backyard alone. He claimed that coyotes like to run wild in the middle of the day and a few neighborhood dogs had been eaten by them. I admit I was skeptical.


But not even a week went by when I saw one morning standing in the road (a road that is fairly busy) across from my house barking louder than any dog I've ever heard. And again a few weeks later on our way to swimming lessons at about 11:30 in the morning we saw three of them running across the hill that is directly in front of our house. And now I hear and see them pretty consistently in the mornings and early afternoons. I remember in high school we would see them running across the main roads up the hill late at night but never during the day. So crazy to see them out in broad daylight!