Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach Babes


We have some pretty cute beach babies! Love that we can go to the beach in the winter!! And then when summer rolls around it gets too cold to go. Ha.




New game at the beach: lay on the sand for as long as you can until the waves come and splash you.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Lunchtime in our house can get pretty boring. Mostly Max wants a peanut butter sandwich and Lia wants cheese. Lia is slightly obsessed with Irish cheese. Anyway, to make lunch more exciting the kids challenge my creative face making skills. This is some of my best work.


Saturday, March 26, 2011


On our way up to Sonora to spend some time with Tyler's parents before the craziness of third year is upon us, we were able to stop off at Molly and Nick's house to see brand new baby Carter and the rest of the cousins. It was our first time meeting sweet little Carter and our first time getting to see Molly and Nick's beautiful house.



The kids were SO excited to be staying with their cousins and to get to go to Jordan's birthday party the next day. We felt kind of bad about making the Birchalls' life a little more crazy that weekend, but I'm so glad we got to spend some time with them!




I also got to take a few pictures of baby Carter, too. So glad I got to do that!! We also got to celebrate together for Tyler's birthday, Nick's birthday and Jordan's birthday (all days apart from each other!)


After that we headed up to Grammie and Papa's house for a little relaxing. Tyler and Kevin got an amazing day of skiing in while Sally and I did our best to entertain the kids while it rained and then snowed a little bit. It was a great little weekend with the family! (And of course, the photographer (me) took NO pictures of the rest of the weekend).


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yup, that's right. Tyler is 30!! Crazy. (Even crazier is that I'll be 30 next year... shudder). We celebrated with the Bakers at Benihana (Tyler and Stephen got free birthday dinners) and enjoyed a night free from kids! Later that week Tyler got to have a day of snowboarding with his dad up at Dodge Ridge and experienced the most amazing snow of his life!

Scanned Image 3

The kids picked out some presents for him and then thought it was so fun to get to open them, too! They each picked out candy for him and Max insisted that he would LOVE a giant chocolate bar and he was positive that daddy would share it with all of us.



Here are 30 things I love about Tyler:

1. He buys me fresh flowers. A lot. And knows that they are one of my favorite things.
2. He's an amazing dad! He's patient and kind and spoils the kids with attention.
3. He has amazing blue eyes.
4. He tries harder than anyone I know to be a good person, to do the right thing, to follow the rules and to be an example to everyone around him.
5. He's SUPER DUPER smart. Like SERIOUSLY smart. Like the smartest guy I know!
6. He's truly motivated. He works hard at school so he can take care of all of us. He's focused.

Scanned Image 1

7. His love of chocolatey things. Brownies, ice cream, cookies, etc. Dude has a serious sweet tooth.
8. How he likes to walk around book stores with me and just talk and look through books. How we always end up in the children's books and how he knows how to pick just the right books off the shelves that he'll know I love.
9. He reads endless books to our kids and enjoys doing it.
10. The way he looks in a suit (swoon).
11. How he loves my cooking. Especially when I cook Italian food.
12. How he always wants to hug me. I don't always want to hug him back, but I appreciate that he's always wanting me to be close by.
13. How he writes me sweet notes and leaves them for me to see when I wake up in the morning.
14. How he thinks of things to do with the kids that he knows each one will like individually.
15. How he likes to bake cookies.

Scanned Image

16. How he's always willing to do chores when I ask him (wash the dishes, clean up the house, etc).
17. How he's athletic and fast and loves sports.
18. Our mutual love for Berkeley and Cal sports. And how he readily passes that love on to our kids, the neighborhood kids and anyone else who wants it.
19. His love for the Gospel and how he tries to truly live it everyday.
20. How we still argue about our first date, even though he knows I'm right.
21. That we've been married for almost 8 years and he still loves me and puts up with my.
22. How he cleans up barf, knowing I just can't handle it.
23. How he likes to try new Mexican restaurants with me and how he's willing to be adventurous and try different restaurants.
24. How he'll jump up in the middle of the night to tend to the kids if they cry knowing that if I get up I won't be able to go back to sleep.

Scanned Image 4

25. How he got up with Lia in the middle of the night when she was a newborn to feed her so I could sleep almost every night.
26. His love for books and reading.
27. How much he supports me and all my crazy ideas.
28. How much he appreciates the photos I take of our family and how he knows it's important to me to document our lives and how he'll carry my camera around for me when it gets to heavy.
29. How he tries hard to fix the things in my life that are hard, even if he knows he can't.
30. How much he loves US!

Scanned Image 2

Seriously, we love our Tyler. We love all he does for us. We're glad he made it to 30 without too many gray hairs. This is a big year for Tyler!! Happy birthday!! Love you honey!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Boy, Big Dreams

I think it's safe to say that despite Max's stature, kid's got big dreams. He's constantly imagining himself into scenarios that are larger than life -- superhero saving the world, Jedi fighting an evil Darth Vader, Italian guy driving a red convertible Ferrari. Wait... what? Let's rewind.

Living in La Jolla has its perks. We live about a mile from a seriously amazing beach, it's sunny ALL.THE.TIME, there are lots of kids in the neighborhood to play with, we can go to the park in February and wear t-shirts and shorts. Another perk -- we get to see Ferrari's and Lamborghini's A LOT. All colors. So Max has got it in his head that when our current car has driven it's last mile, we will purchase a red Ferrari, convertible, black inside.

Well, Tyler, being the awesome dad that he is, helped our little Man realize one of his dreams, sort of. A primary activity at church was coming up and we had to make wearable cardboard box cars for the kids to play in, race in and watch a movie in. Tyler built a Ferrari. Max was once seriously happy kid.




Tyler cut all the cardboard and glued it together while I made the detailing -- license plate (that says Italian Stallion), grille, windshield, tires, logo, etc. Most of the graphics are actual Ferrari parts, too. And Max specifically requested racing stripes. He fully intended on winning the races at the activity. We spray painted it the brightest shiniest red we could find, put on some straps and he was ready to go! Tyler spent hours on this car.

IMG_5271 IMG_5274


Well, seeing as how Max had a pretty sweet car we knew Lia would be pretty upset that she didn't have one of her own. So Tyler spent another night making Lia her own pink Jeep. She of course loved it. And surprisingly weeks later the cars are still intact!





The kids were super excited to go the Primary Party! Even Lia got to go and she thought it was pretty cool that she got to hang out with the big kids.




At the activity Max was pretty nervous that he might not have room to run full speed around the small track to win. Tyler tried to gently explain that there were a lot of kids and he might not win, not because he wasn't really fast, but because it might get crowded. Poor kid was on the verge of tears at the mere mention of maybe not winning. The race started, Max, as predicted, got stuck behind some kids with larger cars and ones that weren't very fast. But right towards the end, in true race car fashion, Max found a hole and squeezed himself through to win the race. Most everyone could have cared less (there was a lot of general chaos) but Max was beyond proud of himself (and we were, too!)



Thanks to one awesome dad and his mad skills, Max's little dream of having his very own Ferrari came true! Love this cute kid!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disneyland! Again!

As we are getting closer to Tyler starting 3rd year I think I'm starting to panic a little about our lack of family time. I decided we needed to go on a little trip just the four of us and I wanted to give Disneyland another try! I don't know if you remember our last Disney trip -- I sure do!



Anyway... we got a great deal on the Paradise Pier Hotel which is situated right on California Adventure Park and stayed over just for one night, giving us 2 whole days to enjoy!



The kids had a blast and there were NO major incidents like last time (except for one little barfing episode by Lia at the hotel restaurant -- no big deal)! The lines were incredibly short. We spent the first morning at California Adventure and basically didn't wait in a single line. The kids hopped right on to every ride they wanted to go on.



We then headed over to Disneyland and got on almost every ride with now line! It was perfect.



That night we let the kids go in the hotel pool. Even though it was slightly chilly out the pool was heated and the kids had a blast. I think they had a better time at the pool than they did at Disneyland!



Cute excited kids!!



Second day at Disneyland! We hit up a few new rides, including the Nemo ride and the Tiki Room.





And the highlight of Lia's trip was meeting Minnie Mouse! She didn't care about meeting any other character at the park -- not even the princesses! But she was determined to wait in line to see Minnie. Even after Minnie had to take a break for some "cheese" behind the scenes. Lia ran right up to Minnie when it was her turn and gave her a HUGE hug and said "I like your shoes Minnie Mouse! They so pretty! Them just like my shoes!" She was star-struck for sure!




It was a great little family trip! Just what we needed.