Friday, August 31, 2007

The Cove

We took a family outing to La Jolla Cove one Sunday afternoon and we had a blast. Max of course loved the ocean -- especially the slippery rocks with lots of jagged edges (those were mom's favorite, too -- RIGHT). The water was freezing but he wanted to walk right in and go for a swim. But this is one of our favorite family things to do together.

We had one incident with Max slipping and falling on the rocks because he insisted that he could walk out into the water by himself without any hand-holding. Of course he's crazy and we didn't let him, but he did slip and fall sending him into a torrent of tears, sand and fury that 1. we let him fall, 2. we did not let him swim by himself, and 3. how dare we try to calm him down away from the water and make him sit in the sand and dig with a shovel. At least I got to snap this cool picture while things were cooling down.

This rock is shaped like pants.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Toddler Max Update

So here is a list of some Toddler Max updates. (He's not a baby anymore... sniff sniff).

  • He absolutely loves milk, which helps him fit into our family perfectly. He drinks two gallons a week of whole milk -- from a regular sippy cup! He finally learned to use one. So I buy 6 gallons of milk a week: 2 for me, 2 for Tyler and 2 for Max.
  • He understands when we say "go find your pacifier", "go find your blankey", "go get your milk" or any of those with "where is" instead of "go find".
  • In the car I hung a toy that when pulled vibrates. When we say "get that guy Maddox! get that guy" he reaches for the toy, pulls it and laughs hysterically.
  • He laughs hysterically. And loud. Really loud. At everyone and everything -- even old ladies at Target.
  • He's starting to understand friendship a little bit. He loves playing with other kids. Tonight we went to walk to the mail box and there were a bunch of neighborhood kids playing just outside. He probably would have played with them all night, not caring if Tyler and I were there or not. He loves his friend Marcelle and playing outside with her.
  • He now eats only table food. He basically eats whatever we eat at dinner. He really enjoys ham and cheese (of course) and any kind of fruit. He absolutely loves broccoli and peas (makes a mama proud) and digs chicken nuggets. He doesn't really like chocolate that much but loves cookies.
  • He runs instead of walks.
  • He can do the sign for "more" and does it when he actually wants it.
  • He has now entered the world of tantrum throwing and uber-meltdowns. This is SOOooo fun.
  • Words he can say (at least I can understand him): cheese, mine, mo (for more), baby, this.
  • He now only has one bottle a day before he goes to bed. I got rid of the morning one before his nap and he seems to be doing fine without it. He gets a special night-night cup to drink from before he goes to sleep with milk in it.
  • He is affectionate, mischievous, loving (he runs to me to give me hugs), demanding, loving, curious, sweet, hammy, and fearless. He runs around all day touching everything he can.
  • He has learned to take his diaper off. Scary thing in the middle of the night which is why he always wears pants to bed).
  • Barney and Teletubbies have become favorite shows and he will sit and watch almost the whole thing. I know, I'm a terrible mother for letting him watch TV. So shoot me. At least it's PBS and not some horribly violent cartoon characters.
  • Play some music, any music, and Max suddenly channels an Irish man doing a jig. He LOVES to dance and listen to music. (Check out the video below).
I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things since it has been so long since an update. He is growing so fast and so big (relatively speaking -- he is only in the 4 percentile for height). Everyday he amazes me with the things he is learning and the knowledge he is gaining. He's like a sponge! Yes, that's right. I'm raising a sponge. Let's hope he's one of those super chamois ones like they sell at the fair and not a cheap sponge from the dollar store.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cancel High Alert... We are now at Code NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

If blogger had a list of emoticons I would definitely choose the one crying its eyes out. Or the one that is bright red with little fake steamy things coming out of its ears. Or the one that is rolling its little googly eyes.

Max did NOT get a tooth. I repeat. He did NOT get a tooth, nor does he yet to have ANY teeth.

Let me explain. I've been waiting since the kid was like 6 months old for him to get his first tooth. Every day that he was a little more fussy than usual I would say, oh yes, today is first tooth day. I lost count as to how many days that has been.

But this last time I would have bet money that his first tooth was about to break. In the middle of his gums on the bottom there was a slightly swollen little white spot. It wasn't sharp, so the tooth hadn't broken the surface, but I've seen a teething baby so I know what the start of a tooth looks like. I almost cried when I saw it, I was so excited. He was pretty cranky, too, and the drool was like a rabid animal. Trust me people, I would not have purposely set myself up for failure with such a post as this one without being almost 100% sure of the outcome.

But almost as suddenly as the little sucker appeared it was mysteriously sucked back in to the black-hole vortex that is that child's gums. Only God himself, and maybe a dentist, can know the reason for my angst. I am completely devastated, of course. And I have vowed that if he does not get his first tooth by the time he is 14 months old, I'm taking him to the dentist and demanding an explanation.

And please don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore those big beautiful gummy smiles! I completely melt when he runs to me from across the room, his little chubby cheeks beaming with that big open-mouthed grin, no pearly whites getting in the way. And truth be told, the kid has truly adapted like nothing I've seen before. A list of his favorite foods, sans teeth, that he devours:

really crusty bread
cheese sticks
chicken nuggets
tortilla chips

I could go on, but why bother, that's enough evidence for me as to why I shouldn't be too worried about all my teeth falling out when I'm really old. If Max can do it, so can I.

Really, the reason I'm so anxious for teeth is truly about my own agenda. I'm getting a little tired of the "no teeth" comments. Plus, he was early doing everything else, why is he so late getting teeth? I don't want a late bloomer.

I know it's not his fault. I love him to pieces. He's been a real sweet heart lately (except for the end-of-the-world melt down he had at Target the other day). I can't get enough of my little man. I actually miss him when he goes to sleep at night.

Maybe he'll wake up one morning and have gotten all his teeth in the middle of the night. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's a new favorite, as evidenced here:

and here:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I so work for Qualcomm... honestly...

Okay, so I don't. But that didn't stop us from going to their company picnic! Thanks to Nick and Monique for getting us tickets (Nick being the one who actually works there) we all (Mark and Mariah and the Littles) got to hang out for the afternoon at UCSD for the Qualcomm company picnic. They had super good barbeque, pony rides, giant inflatable slides, a petting zoo, games and fireworks. It was a lot of fun.

Max chowed on watermelon, one of his favorites...

And then proceeded to run amok with the baby animals in the petting zoo. Tyler and I had never seen Maddox so excited before. He was screaming and laughing and running all over the place petting the chickens and the pigs and the bunnies. It was so adorable.

And although a cranky, irritable and tantrum throwing toddler would have deterred even the strongest of parents, we stuck it out until 8 o'clock when the fireworks promptly started. And it was SOO worth it. Not just because fireworks are just so beautiful and cool, or that it had been years since I'd actually seen any, but Max's reaction was priceless and the moment we shared together melted my heart.


This probably deserves a post all it's own, and maybe in the future I will write one, but Max is so busy and active that he never ever just sits on my lap and cuddles. It's hard on me a lot of the time. And some of you may think that I am exaggerating and I promise I am not. But last night, he was mesmerized by the fireworks and sat on my lap just staring up at the sky and occasionally pointing at the extra bright ones. It was wonderful to be able to hold my baby on my lap while he didn't wiggle or squirm or cry. It's a moment I won't forget.

So thanks Qualcomm, thank you Mr. Jacobs, and thank you Nick for a great company picnic.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007





Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mexico!!! Ole!!!

We finally survived our last vacation of the summer. We spent a whirlwind week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with the whole Seibert clan (Sally, Kevin, Molly, Nick, Jessica, Jordan, Andrea and Cory). It was quite an experience! Even though this may completely bore you to tears, I'm going to go through the vacation day by day mostly so I can remember all the things we did. Stop reading now if all you care about is that Max was horrible on the plane rides, it was a million degrees and super SUPER humid, we played on the beach and in the pools, ate great food, stayed at a beautiful resort and came back with glowing tans.

{day 1 -- Thursday}
We left on Thursday morning too early for anyone to want to be awake. Max was terrible on the plane. He had just had his 1 year shots a few days earlier, came down with a head cold and hadn't had his nap. Max + plane = MY WORST NIGHTMARE. It was a super long day and after much bouncing and rocking I finally got him to fall asleep. The lady sitting across from us kept asking if I wanted her to try and rock him to sleep. My mouth answere politely no, but my head was swimming with insults and jeers (she thinks she can do a better job than me? what is she crazy? etc, etc). We finally arrived at the airport in Cancun and had to wait hours for the rest of the family to get there (they were flying in from San Francisco).

Finally our luggage was loaded onto a van and we made our way to the resort. The van was so ghetto that the back door where our luggage was stacked popped open and almost spilled all of our precious cargo onto the Mexican highway.

The resort was AMAZING. I don't think anyone expected it to be as nice as it was. It's called the Barcelo Maya and it was spectacular. The rooms were big and air conditioned, the pools were huge and inviting, there was a fabulous kiddie pool with slides and sprays and a white sand beach to die for. They also had a great buffet with tons of variety and delicious foods.

{day 2 -- Friday}
We spent the day at the resort swimming and playing. It was really hard for Tyler and I to do anything in the morning with Max because if he doesn't get his morning nap he turns into a little monster. So the afternoon consisted of lounging by the pool and going back and forth between the water slides and the beach. Max LOVED the water slides, until this power-tripping life guard stood across the baby pool blowing his whistle at Tyler to make him stop going down because Maddox was too little and Tyler was too big.

Tyler and his dad went to check out some Cenotes (caves that you can go rock jumping at in the jungle across the highway from our resort). I stayed and played with the baby.

{day 3 -- Saturday}
This was a mommy and Max day because Tyler and the rest of the guys went scuba diving and Sally and Andrea went snorkeling. Molly and I and all the kids were left behind at the resort to fend for ourselves. Neither one of us was that happy about it, but we made it through the day. Nap schedules for all the kids made it difficult to spend much time together, but Max and Jessica did play a little in the pool together.

{day 4 -- Sunday}
We had ourselves a Mexican adventure this day when we tried to go to church. We woke up and rushed to get ready and fed (now that Max only eats table foods he takes about 6 years to eat). It was very dark and cloudy and you could hear distant thunder all morning. We walked out to the highway (about a 10 minute walk from the lobby of the resort) in the disgusting heat and humidity, making sure to get nice and sweaty for the 45 minute ride to where the church was. Sally, Kevin, Molly, Nick and the baby girls had left a little before us and Cory, Andrea, Tyler, me and Max took a separate collectivo. Collectivo you say? A collectivo is a janky van type vehicle with seats and air conditioning (thank GOODNESS) that the natives take up and down the highway to the various resorts where they work. Most American tourists don't know about them, but they are pretty convenient for getting around. The only problem is, you have to ride Mexican style, meaning you are squished in as many people as fit (if a seat is only supposed to hold three people there wil consistently be 6 people shoved onto it) all sweaty and smelly sitting together going about 90 miles an hour between stops. Not to mention that you have to run across a highway to get to the stops.

Anyway, we finally got to the place where the church building was supposed to be and to our dismay the church was in a heap of rubble and bricks with no sign of a Sacrament Meeting anywhere. There was a very confusing sign that was supposed to tell us where to find the new meeting place, but we couldn't really figure it out. The collectivo just dropped us off in the middle of this little village. We started walking, towards what, I am still not sure, and it started raining and thundering. (Now, to remind you, we are doing this all with a squirmy and extremely tired one year old). Suddenly a taxi pulled up and said he had taken the rest of our family to church and he knew where it was and would take us there, too. So once again we squished in and he dropped us off at this falling down dilapidated building with no doors and a roof that was leaking the torrential downpour outside. There were maybe 25 people inside and that included the 8 of us. It was quite humbling to see the circumstances these faithful people had church in. There was no air conditioning, no microphone, we sat on uncomfortable metal folding chairs and wiped away the rain that was falling in through the cracks in the walls and ceiling. It was QUITE an experience, to say the least.

{day 5 -- Monday}
This was supposed to be the day we all went to XCaret, this theme park with tons of dolphins and snorkeling and other amazing wild life. Well, we attempted to go in the morning before Max's nap because it was only a few minutes up the road and we figured we could come back and put him down for a nap and then return when he woke up. Boy was that the mistake of the century. It was disgustingly hot and humid that day and by the time we got there Max was already losing it. The collectivo we took dropped us off at the top of the exit ramp off the freeway. We started walking towards the park and a van pulled up and asked it we wanted a ride. He told us it was really far, and he was NOT lying. It would have taken us FOREVER to get there. We went in the park against our better judgment, saw some cool birds and some manatees, and found Cory and Kevin who were swimming with dolphins. At that point Max was beyond crazy tired and so we left. We waited for over half an hour for a bus to take us back up to the road so we could catch a collectivo and it never came. Finally a man in another tourist van took us to the top of the road and we waited another 10 minutes for a collectivo to come. None stopped. Apparently they were all really full that day. Another guy in a delivery van saw us dying on the side of the road and stopped out of pity for us. His van did not have air conditioning which is pretty much a necessity there. We finally made it back to the resort and put him down for a nap. We decided not to go back in the afternoon because it was such a nightmare. It was disappointing because the park did seem really fun. It was just too hard with Max.

{day 6 -- Tuesday}
Tyler and I once again decided to stick around the resort instead of going to a beach by the ruins in Tulum. We thought it was too far away to survive with the baby. We had tried to go the ruins on Sunday, just the three of us, something Tyler and I had been dying to see. We made the long trip all the way there, getting there at 4:30 only to be told that the ruins close at 4:30 and we wouldn't be let in. We seriously got to the gates at exactly 4:30 and they would not let us in. We tried to get in through the out gate and they wouldn't let anyone through, so we got a quick glimpse of them from outside the huge wall and had to turn around and go home. It was pretty devastating. Apparently these Mayan ruins have an amazing view of the Caribbean. Anyway, on Tuesday everyone else decided to go to the beach down a ways from Tulum. We just stayed and played with Max at the resort.

That morning Tyler, Molly, Andrea, Cory and I took a windsurfing lesson. It was really hard!! The sail is super heavy. I maybe stood up for about 3 seconds and rode about 2 inches in the water before eating it hardcore and getting smacked on the top of the head (twice!) by the sail.

{day 7 -- Wednesday}
We once again stayed at the resort while the rest of the family went to a different beach to snorkel. Since Max doesn't nap anywhere but in a crib it would have been too hard to do anything outside of the resort. I did take a sailing lesson though and learned how to sail a catamaran (although I'm still confused about the whole wind direction thing). Later that day I took Tyler out on the boat but we didn't have that great of a time because there was absolutely no wind. We even had a hard time getting back in because of the wind. A few hours later Kevin and Cory went sailing and they accidentally went out into open water and couldn't get back because of the wind and had to be rescued by a motor boat. I wasn't there to witness it, but Cory vows to never to sailing again.

{day 8 -- Thursday}
In typical Seibert family style, some of the group went snorkeling and sailing mere minutes before we had to catch vans to go to the airport and fly home. Since our flight was later Maddox got a morning nap. We rushed through lunch, got on our van, took the hour drive to the airport and finally boarded a plane to go home. Max was much better on the way home. The second leg of the flight he slept for about an hour and tried so SO hard to sleep for the rest of the trip. He would pick up his little blanket and move it from my shoulder to Tyler's and try to fall asleep then about a minute later he would pick it up and move it back to my shoulder. It was so sad and pathetic. He never really cried, just couldn't get comfortable. It was good to be home, that's for sure but sad to leave such a beautiful place.

And did I mention that Max ate little sausages every morning for breakfast? He LOVED them. He would spit out his pacifier for them, and that is really saying something.

We had a great time in the Caribbean. I didn't realize how absolutely gorgeous it really is. Thanks so much to Tyler's parents to getting us all on this great trip. Although now I think we need a vacation from our vacation!

Take a look at our album of pictures to get the full experience.

Cancun Aug 2007