Saturday, June 30, 2007


I would like to apologize to anyone reading this and who happened to be around Maddox last weekend in Sonora. There is a very good reason for his crazy behavior. Let me paint a picture for those who weren't there:

{Example #1}
Max, usually a sweet happy boy (with normal occasional fussiness) was transformed into a screaming, defiant, clingy monster the second we got onto the plane to fly to Oakland which continued the entire time we were there with frequent melt-downs and freak-outs.

{Example #2}
Max, usually a hungry food-loving little chubby pants, wanted nothing to do with food for the most part, screamed when put in a high chair and screamed louder when shown any kind of spoon with food on it.

{Example #3}
Max, an incredibly good sleeper who enjoys at least 11 hours of sleep at night (with one wake up cry for a pacifier), woke up in the middle of the night every night and screamed for 1-2 hours straight to the point where neither Tyler or I could calm him down.

And maybe the most obvious clue to his clueless parents:

{Example #4}
Clueless Tyler and Nina thought Max had learned a few new tricks (and we weren't too off, because they are new tricks, he just wasn't using them as tricks but as tiny little hammers against the dense wall of brain that is his parents). He was shaking his head "no" a lot, like, A LOT. And he held everything he could get his hands on to his ears. And there we were, laughing at how cute he was that he was talking on the "phone to daddy", etc.

Max had double ear infections -- that means one in each ear. Hence the fussiness, clingyness, monsterness, nights full of fitful screams, tugging, pointing and holding things to his ears, head shaking and awfulness.

Exahusted from dealing with a baby that we swear was not our baby but some nasty left-over host body for a demon, we finally took him to a clinic up by Tyler's parents' house and sure enough, an hour later we were dosing him with Amoxocillan and numbing ear drops. When he woke up from his nap it was as if the demon had died and returned our sweet little baby back to us. Too bad it was too late for anybody to actually enjoy him because we flew home the next day.

And I'm sure most of you would be happy to know that he has returned to his sweet lovey self again (which does include occasional melt-downs and cranky-pantsness). My first experience with ear infections and I failed miserably. I should have known since he had such bad congestion from his cold for so long. But hey, I'm a first timer at this stuff! I knew all the signs and I chose to thing my baby was cute instead of sick -- is that such a crime? I think not.

Oh, and Max would like to personally apologize for any grief he may have caused and any sleepless nights he may have induced in those other than his parents (he doesn't apologize to us because he said we decided to have him so we shouldn't complain when we have to stay awake for hours holding him while he acts like he hates our guts). And he promises to be on his best behavior when you all come visit him for his birthday party as long as you give him lots of cake and watermelon.

**And I would just like to add that I was not completely clueless. I continually said that it might be ear infections making him so demon-like and Tyler kept saying it was his teeth. Let's just say one point for Nina (it would have been 2 points for Nina but since I waited so long to take him to a doctor I only give myself one point).**

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome Home Cory!

This past weekend Tyler, Max and I went up to Sonora to visit with Tyler's family and to welcome his brother Cory home from his mission in Brazil. We left on Thursday morning and flew up to Oakland where Tyler's grandma picked us up and we drove to Modesto to meet Cory when his plane came in there. It was a very emotional reunion and very exciting to have him home and meet all the new kiddies. Jessica was only a little newborn when he left and he had never met Max or Jordan so it was neat to introduce them all to their Uncle Cory.

We had a great long weekend with the whole family there. All the Seibert kids were together again and of course, Kevin style, we packed every day full of activities. We went on the boat a couple times so we could wake surf and wake board. Even Max enjoyed the boat (for the most part -- there was one freak out melt down incident but that will be discussed later). He wasn't too in to the life vest he had to wear but tolerated it as best he could.

Trees. Max LOVED it. He found a little pail and shovel One day we took a little drive to a small pond outside of Bigand sat in the sand for a long time at the edge of the water and just played. It was adorable to watch him. Tyler and I made the mistake of not checking his diaper before we let it get sopping full of water and the result was something so nasty I'm not sure I can even stop gagging enough to recall the details. I think this loaded picture explains everything.

On Sunday we had a little get-together with some of Tyler's extended family and friends to welcome Cory home. It was really fun to get to see some of Tyler's cousins again and just hang out and relax with the family. Even though Max was a big old cranky pants (to be discussed in a separate post) it was fun to introduce him to everyone. And I have to say, he was pretty stinkin' cute even though he was pretty stinkin' fussy.

We went on the boat again on Monday and had lots of fun again watching the guys and Molly wake boarding and wake surfing. Maddox had a much better time on the boat than the first time and loved getting in the water with Tyler.

We had a great time with everyone. Tyler and I were so excited to see Jessica and new baby Jordan, too (who is the most amazingly good baby I have ever seen). Jessica is a riot and talks up a storm -- it was adorable! We miss everyone already and can't wait to see them for our Seibert Family Mexico Trip 2007 (woo hoo!!).

Take a look at our photo album of all the pictures from our trip to Sonora. There are some REALLY cute ones of Max and the kids with their grandparents. Enjoy!

Cory's Homecoming June 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today I was standing in the heat of the Bay Area sun in a white dress with a bouquet of beautiful flowers in my hands taking endless loads of pictures next to a stunningly handsome blue-eyed guy in a tux. Four years ago today I sweat my butt off in a building with no air conditioning in the biggest heat wave to hit Berkeley in about 10 years while talking with people I had either never met before or hadn't seen in forever all while watching hopelessly as the frosting on our cake melted and our poor baker "Guy" frantically set up little fans all around it in hopes of saving his beautiful creation. Four years ago today I joined my hopes and fears, dreams and ambitions, love and joy with the best man I have ever known in my life. Four years ago today Tyler and I were married in a simple quiet ceremony that today still means the world to us.

It's funny how one day, one small wedding ceremony, one painstakingly planned party, a bunch of presents and a short vacation can set into motion a new history in the making. When Tyler and I were married on June 27th, 2003 we began a ripple in time that will continue to grow larger and larger. Four years later I can honestly say that our love and marriage gets stronger every day. I can't say that it has been a fairy tale because I believe that is unrealistic and irresponsible. But it has been better and more wonderful than I could ever have imagined. Four years later we have a beautiful little boy and a plan for our future that is promising and exciting. Four years later we look to the future with eagerness and curiosity knowing that we get to do all of this together. Tyler and I are true best friends and always will be and I can't wait to spend the next 4... 14... 40 years together with him!

Happy Anniversary!!

(Unfortunately, our wedding was before the days when everyone had a digital camera and therefore we have no digital photos of our wedding (although we do have amazingly beautiful pictures in an album that you are more than welcome to come on over and take a look at) so I can only leave you with this picture of a picture of us on our wedding day. It's really bad but that's all I have -- SORRY!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I finally went on my first cruise. I braved the high seas and pirates and hurricanes and man-eating sharks and sea-sickness to have a fun family vacation with my dad. Actually, we didn't see any pirates or hurricanes or man-eating sharks, but my dad did see whales and we saw dolphins and seals.

My dad, Margaret, Danielle, Tyler, me and Maddox took a 5 day Carnival cruise down Baja, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas and then up to Ensenada and back to San Diego. We ate lots of good food, spent a lot of time in the sun, watched a really cheesy cruise show complete with show-girl dancing and over-the-top singing.

In Cabo the cruise ship anchors in the middle of the harbor, it doesn't dock, so we had to take a ferry to the docks. My bathing suit (the only one I brought) had broke that morning and so Danielle and I walked to this mall in the disgustingly humid heat (it was seriously hot) while my dad and Margaret walked to the beach and Tyler stayed on the ship until the baby woke up from his nap. We walked all over the mall (which at least was air conditioned) and looked in about 10 different bathing suit stores and couldn't find a suit for less than $100 US. So, I wore one of Danielle's tops with a tank top over it so as not to shock anyone who got an eyefull of those nasty zebra-stripe-like stretch marks.

Anyway, after the baby woke up we went to the beach but to get there without having to walk about 75,000 miles in the heat and humidity in the middle of the day you have to take a water taxi. And I'm not just talking about any water taxi, I'm talking about a Mexican water taxi. So here we are, me, Tyler, Danielle and Max, a big diaper bag and a stroller. Getting in to the taxi from the docks was totally fine, no problem. BUT, little did we know that Mexican water taxis that take you to the beach only pull up sort-of close to the shore and you just have to jump out and wade to the beach while about 15 other taxis are all around you, bumping in to your boat and trying to slice your legs off with their non-US approved motors. It was crazy, we had to jump out of the boat into the ocean with the baby and his stroller and our diaper bag. Miraculously we did not get the essentials wet and made it to the beach. Max learned how to stand up on his own in the sand, we ate some bad Mexican coconut popsicles and waited for our faithful taxi to return. And just like the drop-off, the pick-up was just as crazy, only this time we had to get us and everything else in the boat. Here I am, struggling to jump in the boat, trying to avoid the other taxis, the waves, slipping helplessly underneath the boat and an angel appeared, grabbed my butt, threw me into the boat and helped with everything else. That little 10 year old Mexican boy saved my life that day and the lives of my family and I am forever in his debt (I bought chicle on the way back to the ship hoping that maybe it was his little sister selling trying to earn a buck for the family).

Ensenada was much more tame. We went to see La Bufadora, the blow-hole. It's like a geyser in the ocean. Tyler and I had been there before with friends so it brought back lots of fun memories. We took a tour bus to get there and our tour guide Jenny, an American living in Ensenada, told us all about the stuff you can buy there. Maddox screamed the whole way there on the bus but seemed to enjoy the little bazaar on the way to the blow-hole. I bought some Vanilla and Max got some maracas that he absolutely loves. Poor Danielle had to miss the fun because she was stuck on the ship with some kind of stomach bug.

All in all it was a great vacation and we had tons of fun together. Max was pretty well behaved on the boat and everywhere we went it seemed like someone knew him or had heard of him from another passenger. He flirted with all the waitresses and smiled at all the old ladies. Take a look at our album from the cruise (and my dad's visit) to get your fill of pictures.

Cruise June 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Standing Up "Max Style"

So Maddox finally learned how to stand up on his own when he falls down, instead of crawling over to a piece of furniture or some stranger's leg to pull himself up on. This video is classic Max style. Watch as he assumes the crawl and then the crab -- a combination of both techniques to finally stand upright.

He actually first stood up on his own when we were on the beach in Cabo San Lucas this past week. I think it was an incline and so it was easy for him to push up in the sand. And of course, sand being as unstable as it is, he would fall right back down on his butt. I'm just glad I don't have to run over and stand him up anymore. That was getting pretty old!