Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Halloween Sick McNasty Treat: UPDATE

So... Tyler and I went to go do our laundry and look what we found under the stairs!!!!

And if that wasn't bad enough, Tyler was trying to get the right angle for another picture of this evil beast and look what he almost bumped into!!! He could have spooked the thing and it could have bitten him and his arm could have turned black and fallen off and his hopes and dreams of medical school, etc. would have been smashed to pieces!!!

I am officially calling this an infestation or an epidemic or an epidemic infestation!! That makes three just outside our door. I'm freaking out people... if you don't hear from me it may be because I have died from fright or been eaten alive.

Oh, and P.S. On that website about first aid, the number for the ambulance is 911, not 000. I think that's an Australian site.

A Halloween Sick McNasty Treat

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I am scared to death of spiders!! They are the sickest most unnatural scariest grossest nastiest sickest things EVER. Well, I'm minding my own business on my way home, walking up the stairs, completely unsuspecting and what do I see on the banister of the stairs???


**(Disclaimer: These are actual pictures of a spider taken with my own camera in front of our apartment. These photos are graphic. Please be warned -- children should avert their eyes)**

Now, you might say, what is that? IT'S A FREAKING HUGE SPIDER!!!!!!!! I kid you not, it was the size of a half dollar. And it was just perched there, waiting, watching.

Tyler poked it with a stick a few times and it moved. AHH!! It's SOOOOO sick! And scary!!

And look at this one with it's evil orange eye. I swear the thing is ready to attack.

I looked it up on a few websites (and while doing so, freaked myself out with all the other sick scary spider pictures and will surely have nightmares tonight) and found out that it is an Orb Weaving Spider (Species Neoscona crucifera) and they are poisonous like the evil Brown Recluse. Needless to say I am afraid to leave my house and fully expect to be webbed in the next time I open my front door. I now fear for my life as well as the life of my baby and husband.

SO... be on the lookout for Sick McNasty (as we so fondly call this brown hairy monster). Here is a good website that explains what to do if you are bit. Good luck!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bates Nut Farm

Halloween on the west coast is seriously not the same. It's like nobody cares about the Fall. That may be due to the fact that seasons rarely exist down here in Southern Cali. Or maybe people just actually don't care. Either way, it's kinda lame. That is why Maddox and I are flying back to Connecticut for the holiday with my mom and Mattie and Danielle. It's gonna be awesome! But, to pass the time and give ourselves a little Halloween cheer we went to Bates Nut Farm and walked around. Bates Nut Farm is, what else, a nut farm, but it also has a huge pumpkin patch, lots of goats and chickens and llams, and a cute country store. Of course it was a million degrees and sunny and definitely not autumn-like. But it was still nice to see pumpkins and little kids dressed up and take pictures of the kiddies at the pumpkin patch. Here are a few snapshots from our Southern Californian attempt at Halloween festivities.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Little pooper... literally...

So we never thought it could happen to us. We were so careful. But alas, it has happened. Maddox decided last night while we were giving him his nice, warm, relaxing bath, that he would take a poop... in the bath... while he was still in it. I know, totally gross. But what could we do? Once he started it was too late. We had to let him finish his business and then figure out how to get him out and and what to do with the poop once he was out. So we got a new towel and took him out, wrapped him in it, and Tyler carried his tub to the bathroom and flushed it all down. But when you pour that much water out of a tub there's bound to be splashage, and there was. While Tyler is yelling that he has "fecal matter" on his legs and feet, I'm praying that my naked little towel wrapped boy will not pee on me or himself. FINALLY, after a scrub down of the little tub (and Tyler's legs and the bathroom floor and the toilet seat), I refilled it with warm water and the bath continued. I wanted to take a before and after picture but Tyler wouldn't let me, so you'll all have to be content with just a normal bath picture.

Let's just say he "made" a memory that will last a lifetime. I'm sure we'll be talking about this when he brings his first girlfriend home (yikes!) and when he graduates from college and probably when he has his first child. Oh Maddox our little poop machine... we love you!!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Smiles smiles smiles... but no giggles...

So Maddox is turning out to be a very smiley baby. He LOVES to smile.

But alas, the smiles are silent. There is not a giggle in sight. It may look like he's cracking up hysterical.

(Or in this picture, cracking up hysterical and dancing a jig). But he has yet to let out one of those cute little baby giggles. He can just barely coo. And you can tell he's frustrated. He wants to laugh out loud so badly, but it just won't come. So for now we'll all have to be content with his gigantic toothless grins and full body smiley scrunches. It's so wicked cute even without the giggles.